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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Revisiting My Series on RA Training Tips for a Great 2015

You may have noticed, but my appearances and trainings have ramped up considerably now that I am able to pursue providing RA instruction full time.  You can click here for the full official schedule of confirmed trainings. 

Since I will be making the rounds to a library or computer screen near you, I thought today was a good time to revisit the RA training goals I laid out back in January.  Click here to access the 4 part series all at once.

This was a new January series for me and it was quite popular back in the winter.  Much of what I will be doing in the upcoming training sessions is in direct response to the goals I laid out in those posts.

So as a refresher for you before you see me, or for those of you encountering these posts for the first time, click through and see the RA for All Cliff Notes version of how to be the best RA librarian you can be.

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