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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Halloween Prep Has Begun

Over on RA for All: Horror I have begun my steady march toward October with a planning post. Click here to read the full post, but for the lazy among you, here is a great display idea from that post- because it is too awesome for you to not read...
Step Two, start some Halloween display prep by allowing your horror books to act all creepy. What do I mean? Well this is one of my favorite passive RA tricks for horror promotion.  Grab some of your more terrifying titles with great covers-- I suggest Brian KeeneJonathan Maberry, and Nick Cutter to start-- and put them face out in the stacks. So at the end of the row where Nick Cutter's The Troop is normally shelved, pull the physical book out to display face out; maybe even have it peeking out from the end of the row if you can. If you are a library that actively puts books face out in the middle of the stacks (good for you), switch them all to horror titles.  Even if you never have books face out, go through and randomly put a few where there is room.  The result....your horror books are stalking patrons as they walk through the stacks. It is as if they are following you.... It creates the exact feelings of anxiety, dread, and unease that horror fans crave.  It is AWESOME!!!! [and super easy]
See now you want to read the post and all 6 steps....

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