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Thursday, October 1, 2015


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It is October 1st and over on my sister blog, RA for All: Horror I have begun my annual horror blog-a-thon with the following post:

31 Days of Horror: Day 1-- A Primer On What To Expect and a Shout Out To 31 Horror Films in 31 Days

I will still continue to post on general RA issues here every week day, but I worked very hard to provide a quality product to help your horror readers this year, so I am encouraging you to check there daily.

As the library world's "horror maven," I take my job very seriously. I want to help you to stop being scared of your horror readers and start saving the day by putting a great book in their hands.

Not convinced that a month of horror posts are for you?  Well for the skeptical among you, I always have a preview of the current RA for All: Horror post running in the top of the right gutter of this blog. So, you can have a preview before you make that big commitment to click. Clicking is hard, I know.

But also, please remember you have a ton of patrons who like reading horror, even if you do not. Add to that the large number of people who only read scary books this month, and you need me.

That being said, you still might not be sold.  Well, I can tease a bit to get you excited then.  This year I have a ton of guest posts by authors talking about why they love horror and sharing their favorite authors and titles, and some are legit NYT bestsellers like her, him, and him. And that is just the teaser.

So let's get this haunting season started off....

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