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Monday, November 16, 2015

Tomorrow: New CODES Readers' Advisory Convo Coming (November 17-18)

In case you are not signed up, I will be participating...well at least lurking and reading, but this is worth all of the emails you will receive.  This is free way to participate in a Nationwide conversation on RA issues at your own pace.

I NEVER have time to reply when the conversation is going on, but I always make time to read all of the emails.  I have learned a lot by participating in these email conversations. And seriously people, if I get a lot out of it, and you turn to me as someone to help you be better at providing RA Service, I am sure you will get something out of them too.

Please see the official notice from CODES below:

My name is Cindy Orr, and I am this year’s chair of ALA’s RUSA Readers’ Advisory Research and Trends Committee. The other committee members are:
Kristi Chadwick – Massachusetts Library System
Bill Kelly – Cuyahoga County Public Library
Dodie Ownes – Mediasource, Inc.
Michael Santangelo – BookOps
Steve Sposato – Chicago Public Library
Barry Trott – Williamsburg Regional Library
David Wright – Seattle Public Library

Our committee will sponsor another CODES email conversation on:
Tuesday November 17 and Wednesday November 18, 9am-9pm EDT 

The topic this time is Watch, Listen, Read: Whole Collection Advisory.

Expect a high volume of messages throughout the day. If you’re worried about email volume you can set up a folder and filter the conversation to that folder to keep from cluttering up your regular inbox. In the alternative, you could set up a free email account and then re-subscribe to the conversation using that account. To subscribe or unsubscribe, go here: http:///lists.ala.org/sympa/info/codes-convos

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