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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last ARRT Crime Fiction Genre Study and News for All Readers of Blog

As I type this I am sitting in the program room at the Glenview Public Library getting ready to facilitate the final meeting of the ARRT Crime Fiction Genre Study.

It has been a long but also fun and rewarding 2 years leading this program.  I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who hung in there with us either by participating in person or following online.

[Speaking of following us online, here is the website.]

Today we are wrapping up with a free lunch and a whole bunch of book talking.  We are doing a bit more too; you can see the official agenda/assignment here.

We will also be announcing the upcoming genre study for 2016-17 to the participants here in the room today.  Then tomorrow, we will notify all members.

Sometime next week, I will be posting all of the scripts from the book talks that happen today for everyone who can read this. In that post, I will let all of the rest of you know the 2016-17 topic.

But back to that post of the book talks.  That is what I really wanted to share today.  Here is what I asked everyone to do:
Come prepared to provide the group with a 90 second (timer will be used and enforced!) of booktalking on an author or book(s) we have not covered over the course of our 2 years together. 
This is your chance to talk up authors/titles we didn't have the time to get to, as well as an opportunity to practice your booktalking skills. 
Books can be new, old, forthcoming-- whatever you want. Authors can be living or dead. The only rule is the 90 second limit. 
Come with your script (typed) so that we can include it in the notes. This way, you can all get a copy of every book and it's description. [Also this means you had to prepare at least a little bit.] 
Booktalks should focus on the following questions:
  1. What makes this author/title so amazing?
  1. Where does this author/title fit within Crime Fiction?
  1. What are some readalikes. 
Becky prepared 3 examples for you to consult [with how long they are when delivered as a booktalk] here.
I am excited to tell you that I will be compiling the scripts of every book talk into one document that I will share here on the blog whether you are an ARRT member or not.

It is going to be a great resource of books that were not included in our genre study-- so slightly under the radar or not quite crime technically-- but that are also great to suggest to patrons.

Look for that next week. I’m really excited to offer this as a resource both for you to use AND to show off the hard work of our fabulous ARRT members.

Off to run the final meeting.

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