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Monday, December 7, 2015

Your Chance to Hear Becky's Unique Take on "Best" Lists and My Favorite Annual List

Each year, the Public Library Association [of which I am a member] offers a gift to its members, a free "Best Books" webinar.  This year, they asked me to provide that webinar on Wednesday December 16th at 1pm Central. Here is your teaser:
Attack of the “Best” Lists: Becky’s Practical Recap of 2015’s Best Reads: This time of year is exciting with the holidays approaching and “Best of the Year” lists coming fast and furious.  “Best" lists are both one of the greatest things about our job and one of the most frustrating; however, in this webinar, Becky Spratford, Reader’s Advisory expert, will help you to turn all of the frustration into a success story-- one that will make you and your library look like reading superheroes. With practical advice on how to use “best” lists to help patrons find their next great read, under the radar “best” books for a wide range of readers, and plenty of readalike options sprinkled throughout, Becky will leave you ready to end 2015 on a high note and handle the annual attack of the “ best" lists with grace and skill.
If you are already a member of PLA do nothing. Wait for the official email to sign up for this FREE [to you] webinar. We are going to have a lot of fun... oh, and learn something too.

If you aren't a current PLA member, you know you were already thinking of joining because 2016 is a PLA conference year and you want the discount. Seriously though, if you join PLA before the 16th, you too can get to here me for FREE.

I have already been asked if I will include Genre Best List options, and the answer is YES, there will be many.

And just in case you think you have seen enough information about the 2015 "Best" Books already and don't think this webinar is worth your time, rest assured, this will be unlike any other year end wrap up you have ever scene.

For example, one of my absolute favorite year end lists is The Millions: Year in Reading, essays in which authors talk about the best books they read in 2015.  In my webinar I will explain to you why this list can be one of your best tools too.

So while you wait for the 16th to come around, head over to Year in Reading. Not only are they posting a new essay each day, but they also have easy links to past year's lists at the end of each essay. [Be still my librarian heart.]

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