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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Libraries and Self Published Authors-- Part 1

As I proclaimed in my 2016 Reading Resolutions, this year I am going to make an effort to be more informed about self published authors. From that post:
Not only will I make sure I read a few self published titles in a variety of genres, but I will also be blogging about self published books and specifically how we can and should handle them in libraries.
Today I am beginning this quest by going to the source of knowledge on this topic, librarian expert on self published authors, Robin Bradford, a collection-development librarian for Timberland Regional Library, Olympia, Washington, and fellow Booklist contributor.

Robin has been contributing a series of articles to the Booklist Corner Shelf Newsletter entitled. “Author Perspectives on Self Publishing" meant  "to help librarians get the creative collection-development ball rolling...to highlight some talented self-published authors in different genres.

There are currently 4 interviews in the series with the most recent one appearing in my inbox yesterday. Here are the direct links to make it easier for you to find them:

  1. Author Perspectives on Self-Publishing: Amie Stuart and Melissa Blue
  2. Author Perspectives on Self-Publishing, Part 2: Jennifer Boehner Wells
  3. Author Perspectives on Self-Publishing, Part 3: Elliott Kay
  4. Author Perspectives on Self-Publishing, Part 4: Farrah Rochon

By the way, The Corner Shelf Newsletter, whose tag line is “Where Readers’ Advisory Meets Collection Development,” is free to anyone who can click here and provide an email address. If you subscribe, you won’t miss Robin’s next interview.

You can also follow Robin on Twitter [@Tuphloswhere she shares her #collectiondevelopment work and even more self published authors.

It is inspiring to see someone finding a way to incorporate the best of self published works into a public library's collection. 

Look for more posts by me on the topic of libraries and self published authors coming soon.

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