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Monday, February 22, 2016

New Issue of Corner Shelf

There is a new issue of the free Booklist newsletter that is all about collection development and RA available now.  Click here to read it all.

But I specifically wanted to highlight Rebecca’s interview with a colleague I like both as a person and admire as a professional-- Stephen Sposato who manages Content Curation for the Chicago Public Library System.  What does that mean?

From Stephen’s interview:
I’m the manager of the Content Curation department at Chicago Public Library, where we oversee the centralized selection of materials for the nearly 80 branches of our system. We also head up readers’ advisory, leading internal training and focusing on features for our website (staff picks, blogs, lists, etc.). In a nutshell, our department is all about selecting and promoting engaging and relevant content for a diverse and sophisticated city...
Click here for the rest of the interview. You need to read it because Stephen lives and breathes the life which is the point of Rebecca’s newsletter-- he really understand that Collection Development and RA are completely intertwined and he gets it for the right reasons.

Sometimes when I read these interviews with or articles by people from giant library systems I think, “those ides are great but only valuable to super huge libraries.” Not with Stephen. He is at a huge library system, one of the biggest in the country, but he expresses ideas and issues that even the smallest of small town librarians can use to succeed.  He just gets it for all libraries. I admire that a lot.

So go and learn from Stephen today. Besides the fact that he is interesting and smart, I like to keep the blog fresh with other people’s idea and comments.  Too much of only me is not good for any of us.

Finally, thanks to Stephen for the plug for ARRT. We are just as proud to have you as a member as you are to be one.

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