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Thursday, March 10, 2016

What I’m Reading: Series Round Up-- Career of Evil

Today I have quick review/appeal update on a series title. In general, I have decided to not review every title I read in on going established series, especially if there isn’t much change to note.  However, sometimes there is a reason to post something.

And that is what we have today with the the 3rd book in the Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling mystery series featuring British PI Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin, Career of Evil.  I reviewed the first two audios in this post, and that is where you can find the overall series appeal discussed. I again listened to this title.

The update on the appeal of Career of Evil is that for the first time  in the series, Strike and Robin take equal turns narrating the story. Now that Robin is a full blown detective herself, she is doing half the work, hence half the story telling.

But the even bigger change is the very dark turn the story takes into suspense territory.  There is a third narrator here-- our very nasty villain.  Yes the series has always been dark, violent, and gritty, but we open with a severed leg being delivered to Robin at work, and it only gets more intense from then on.  Robin is being stalked, innocent women are being killed, and we, the reader, get to see into the sick mind of the killer. on a regular basis  It is all tied to Strike’s history as a military policeman, however. He and Robin have to sort through a list of suspects who have a bone to pick with Strike.

Robin and Strike, and their personal lives play a huge part in the story and are also a big part of why you want to read the series. But, the mystery plot line is well told, extremely compelling, and with just the right amount of plot twists.

The mystery part is resolved, but the storyline that is Strike and Robin is left as a major, dangling cliffhanger. Rowling has us all hooked waiting for the next book once again.

I would also like to share another review of this book with everyone.  This one is from the December 2015, final meeting of the ARRT Crime Fiction genre study.  Chris book talked Career of Evil and it is included in this longer list from that meeting.

Notes on the Narration: I made a longer statement on this the first time I listened to the series.  The narration is still excellent. I hope Glenister stays throughout the duration of the series.

Three Words That Describe This Book: intense, character driven, compelling

Readalikes: I made some suggestions in my previous review of the first 2 titles in this series; however, I think if you like the turn the story has taken in this 3rd installment, than you should also try the intense, character driven suspense of Tana French. I have reviewed most of her novels on the blog here.

I would also suggest anything by Karin Slaughter. She writes gritty, intense, suspenseful mysteries that are fast paced and character driven, just like the Galbraith mysteries. Both series also appeal to men and women equally.

With a much lighter tone in terms of the mystery, but with plenty of complicated family and love relationships and great character development, Lisa Lutz’s Spellman Files series makes an excellent outside the box recommendation.

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