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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RA for All Roadshow-- Bridging the Physical-Virtual Divide: RA in the Digital Arena

Today I am extra excited to present one of my favorite, and I think most useful programs, Bridging the Physical-Virtual Divide: RA in the Digital Arena to my peers-- Adult Services Librarians in the Chicago area.

The group bringing me in is LACONI:
Since 1954, LACONI (Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois) has been introducing library staff to new technologies and ideas, best practices, and popular programs for children and adults. LACONI is comprised of eight different sections which offer programs designed to enhance skills and knowledge of library staff in their area of expertise.
The section who is sponsoring me today at the Glen Ellyn Public Library is the Reference and Adult Services Section [RASS]. These are the library workers I worked with as a colleague for 16 years. Many in the audience will be friends and/or former students. This will be a treat for all of us. Also, they have given me a 2 hour slot, so there will be PLENTY of time for questions.

The other reason I am extra excited is that while I have been giving this talk since 2009, it got a major overhaul this past March and then another smaller revamp when I had the opportunity to present it last week at Book Expo America.

So let's take the excitement and get going this morning.  The slide access is below for everyone-- those present at the talk and all of you accessing this from wherever you are.

Click HERE for Slide Access

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