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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Upcoming Appearances Open to Anyone

Many of the training sessions I offer are closed to the public. More often than not, I am hired to present to the staff of a specific library or library system.  However, during the second week of June there are 2 opportunities for you to catch me presenting BRAND NEW programs-- one in person and one virtual.

Starting June 1, Library Journal is offering a fantastic new, online course:

You can click through for all of the details, but I will be presenting first on June 14th. I will be talking about "Merchandising" and RA. I will have 45 minutes of tips and tricks to merchandise your collections and your staff expertise better.

Then, 2 days later, I will be in Worcester, MA delivering the Keynote address for the 1st Annual Massachusetts Library System Readers' Advisory Summit:
Join other readers’ advisory enthusiasts for a day of information, hands-on learning, and sharing stories as MLS brings together years of experience with innovative techniques. 
Becky Spratford, Illinois librarian and head of RA for All, will talk about “RA Rethink: From Quaint and Comfortable to Cutting Edge.”
Joyce Saricks, (also from Illinois) will lead a hands-on workshop: “Sharing Books: Notes from the Field. Bring with you three titles to use in the exercise.”
“What do you know?” Five 20-minute presentations from MLS members on RA topics that can be broken down and used by any library.
Also, 5 in 15 recordings will be available to record ON-SITE all day! More information will be provided to those interested in recording one of our popular RA segments. (http://guides.masslibsystem.org/5in15).  
Use this link for the full details and to signup. 

This summit is open to anyone who can make it to the event on that day. It is extremely affordable too.

This brand new RA Rethink program will have a similar tone to my Call to Action series and will feature some of what I present in the Library Journal Online class.  I have been working on it all day today and am very excited about getting the chance to deliver this invigorating talk to such a receptive audience.

I really hope some of you can join me.

I will also be contributing my own 5 in 15 [mentioned above] to the MLS archives. I know I will do horror titles, but I am not sure the theme. I think I am stressing over picking only 5 horror titles to booktalk more than I am about the 90 minute keynote.

If you cannot make it to either event, the slides will be available here on the blog.

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