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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Palindromic Reads

Today’s post is short and uncharacteristically selfish.  It is my birthday and Saturday is my daughter’s.  While our birthdays are always 2 days apart never before have we had palindromic birthdays... until this week that is.  We are 41 and 14.  I didn’t even realize it until last Sunday when we did a family party and my mother-in-law put the numbers together on the cake.

We are a family who discussed the run of palindrome dates earlier this month [from 6/10/16 through 6/19/16], so this is right up our nerdy alley. It is so cool!

In honor of all the Palindromes, here are some book lists so you can join in the celebration too:

Thanks for the indulgence today. I figure my birthday is a good excuse to be a little selfish.  Tomorrow I will go back to be my usual useful self. 

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