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Thursday, July 7, 2016

ALA Conference Report: RUSA CODES Research and Trends

Each year the RA Research and Trend Committee of RUSA is charged with keeping up with cutting edge research and trends [hence the name] and they get a spot each year at ALA annual to present what they have been doing so that we can all stay as up to date as possible. They call this presentation the RA Forum.

For a full description of their charge and the committee list, click here.

This year, the presenters representing the committee were Cindy Orr, Barry Trott, and Michael Santangelo. Their talk was entitled, Harnessing Research and Data to Advance Reader’s Advisory Services:
The RA Forum explores the cutting edge of RA practices and services. This year's forum consists of three short presentations on data and research: Barry Trott - "Using Data You Already Have to Analyze Your RA Services," Michael P. Santangelo - "Cutting Edge Research on Reading that RAs Should Know About," and Cindy Orr - "How Big Data Is Changing What We Know About the Literary Landscape."
Thanks to coordination by Cindy, I have all three presenter’s slides available for you here today.

You can use the links I added to the description above to pull up individual presentations, or this link to pull up a folder with all three.

Also, to put it in a little more context, you can click here to read the American Libraries Online article which recapped the main points of their presentations.

Thanks to all three presenters for being willing to share this information with everyone.  Please feel free to contact any of them if you have further questions. Also consider volunteering for one of the many RUSA CODES committees so that you can help shape the future of RA Service. For information on how to get involved, click here.

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