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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Program Alert: Becoming the Face of RA

I am very excited to announce this because every single one of you can participate in this one. That’s right, if you can read this, you can be a part of our next ARRT Program--

Becoming the Face of RA
Thursday, August 25, 2016
125 Tower Drive
Burr Ridge, IL

How, you may be wondering, can you participate from far away? Easy, we are partnering with Booklist and NoveList as part of their ongoing RA Conversation series. So as long as you have signed up to get Rebecca Vnuk’s Corner Shelf or just read this blog, you will be alerted when the video recording is available for free viewing. If you have an Internet connection, you can join us!

Now, I know watching the video is not as good as being there since you cannot network and interact with your fellow RA peeps, but we at ARRT have had many requests to provide a virtual version of our programs, so we are trying this out.

But if you can join us, click here to register. It is FREE if you are an ARRT member and only $10 if you are not. But big hint people-- ARRT membership is only $10.

Since this program will be on the web for free eventually, we didn’t feel right charging anyone to come. So if you want to reap the benefit of being at the event to meet and greet with these fabulous speakers [and me] all we are asking is that you become a member.

Also, we are happy that Melissa from Downers Grove is joining us. She will be talking about the work they did to create Book Genie which won them the inaugural ARRT/ILA RA Service award.  This year’s winner was just selected and will be announced soon, but quick teaser, I was thrilled that the winners are both former students of mine who now work together! We hope to have them present for us soon too.

Again, if you want to join us live, click here. The room only holds about 50 so please sign-up so we can have an accurate head count. Otherwise sometime after August 25th look out for the video.

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Molly in Mass. said...

So glad that you the video will be available!