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Monday, July 18, 2016

RA for All Training at Westmont [IL] Public Library

It's a brand new week and I am kicking it off bright and early by bringing my signature and highly interactive RA for All training to Westmont Public Library, right down the street. And it all starts at 8 am!

Actually that timing is what is so great about this training. I am going to give this high energy, RA training, pep talk from 8-10 am and then they will open the doors at the normal time for a Monday. The staff will learn something new and get a beginning of the week jolt and the patrons will not have to suffer a library closure. Everybody wins here.

I would normally have a Call to Action at the start of the week, but instead of putting that call to action on the blog, it is going to be given live to the staff of Westmont Library.

Don't worry, I am not forgetting about the rest of you. Take this post today as a reminder that you can always practice your basic RA skills. To help jog your memory, here is a link to the Basic Rules of RA Service that I will be using with the library staff this morning.

And don't be jealous, I can come to your library either in person or virtually to deliver any of my RA programs. Just contact me.  I had 2 openings in November just open back up [they rescheduled, one to earlier and one next year]. But don't wait because even 2017 is starting to fill up. April and March are both closed to out of state travel [April to local programs too] and February is starting to book.

So basically, contact me SOON if you want me at your library in the next 6-9 months.

Time to start "RA for All" at Westmont Public Library.....

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