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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Booklist Spotlight on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

I am happy and proud to have been part of this issue this year-- my first. There is lot of great information here. See for yourself from the intro from the magazine itself as published on the Booklist Reader:
The August issue of Booklist magazine is now live. Visit Booklist Onlinewhere you’ll find 348 new reviews and 15 new feature articles and lists. The articles will be free to all for the next two weeks—to have unrestricted access, you’ll need to log in. If you aren’t yet a subscriber, or do subscribe but haven’t registered for access, you can take care of that today! 
This issue spotlights science fiction/fantasy and horror. See 2016’s top 10 horror and top 10 SF/fantasy novels for adults, and our top 10 SF/fantasy and horror on audio. You can find excellent YA SF/fantasy and horror on our top 10 list for youth as well as our list of top 10 fairy tale retellings on audio. 
Don’t forget to check out our other great feature content, like Michael Cart’s exploration of LGBT-themed speculative youth novels. Elsewhere in the issue, Becky Spratford profiles horror master Brian Keene, Daniel Kraus reconsiders the legacy of Choose Your Own Adventure novels, and Rebecca Vnuk selects a core collection of space operas. Don’t miss Joyce Saricks’ final installment of her column, “At Leisure.” 
 As you know, you can still find the complete magazine online! Booklist’s digital edition of the August  issue is also live. It’s a great new way to explore the magazine from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung Galaxy, or any other internet-connected device. With the digital issue, subscribers will now get print, online, digital, and archival access to the 22 Booklist and 4 Book Links issues each year! Visit www.booklistonline.com or click the link above to take a peek.
So many great lists! I will be pulling out specific horror information and posting it on the horror blog soon, as well as posting my specific reviews from this issue tomorrow (there were many).

But for now, you have plenty to peruse by just clicking on all the links embedded above. At the very least you should check your catalogs and make sure you own all of the the Top 10 titles for the genres. These are the bare minimum for all public library collections.

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