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Friday, September 23, 2016

Free Webinar on Pop Culture and RA Service

On Thursday, September 29th from 2-3 pm est I will be giving the Keynote Address for the Annual Meeting of the North Country [NY] Library System. But I will also be signed up for the NoveList, free, live webinar entitled, Unlocking Your Pop Culture to Improve Your Readers' Advisory.

Here's the program description: 
Librarians specialize in books, but some of the best readers' advisory inspiration can be found beyond the printed page. Movies, music, TV, games, podcasts -- pop culture permeates our lives. Start the right conversations and you can discover what your patrons love (and what they’d love to see in your library). Let NoveList Book Squad librarians Rebecca Honeycutt and Autumn Winters show you how fandom can drive deeper engagement at the library, supercharging your readers’ advisory, circulation, and programming.

You can click here to register FOR FREE whether you have NoveList at your library or not.

But Becky, you may be asking, why did you register if you know you cannot make it? Well the answer is easy, they will send me the video when it is ready this way. I both need and want to watch this, and I don't trust myself to remember to go back and view it.

As I talked about in this post last month, we need to be able to match from book to all other forms of leisure entertainment. In fact, in that post, I called on you to "Match Books to Everything and Everything to Books."

If you have been having trouble with that one, you should sign up for the webinar for help and inspiration. When I make those Calls to Action, by the way, I am also calling myself to get off my butt and do something. So join me by signing up. I won't be there live, but I promise I will watch.

To help get the conversation started, NoveList has also been posting free articles on the topic too, like this one on Appealing to Gamers.

Hope to "see" you there.

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