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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ILA Conference Wrap Up and Handouts on Diverse Books and Graphic Novels

Last week I was the the Illinois Library Association Annual Conference and had a great time.

I had this post about my day of presenting and I did a ton of Tweeting and Retweeting from the actual conference. Whether or not you use Twitter, you can click-- #ILAAC16-- and read every tweet from the conference. [This is truly a wonderful resource to library workers everywhere. I highly recommend clicking.]

I also wanted to pass on the handouts from 2 specific programs that I think would greatly benefit my audience no matter which state you live in:

Using Diverse Books in Library and School Programs was useful, honest, and very easy to implement.

You can click here for the first listed handout and here for the second one.

Click on above picture to enlarge and read the full program description


The Graphic Novel smackdown was so much fun. And, even I, someone who knows about a reads a wide range of graphic novels for all age groups, learned about new titles in the program.

But the best part of the program is actually this handout! They had too large a group for everyone to get every title in, plus as moderator, Mike was very strict with his 5 minute timer [with The Hulk as his buzzer- so much fun]. He didn’t even let himself talk at all.

However, they had everything they mentioned, Mike’s Picks, AND LOTS MORE in the handout.

Please use it to check your collections, place your orders [as each person included up coming titles they are excited for], and update your offerings across all service reading levels.

There were many other wonderful things I learned by attending the conference. Plus, I got to meet a bunch of you, my readers. I hope this post reminds you to gather your notes on what you learned last week, or if you live somewhere else, inspires you to try to attend a local library conference.

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