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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reading Without Walls Challenge

The above screen shot is from author and graphic novelist, Gene Luen Yang’s site where he has been challenging everyone to Read Without Walls.  Click here to read the full post.

Now readers of this blog know that I have been advocating to read this way for years- even requiring my library school students to read a “multicultural" or LGBTQ every single semester as far back as 2004. But as I have also commented on here and here recently, not everyone agrees with me.

So let’s move away from why you need to to this to improve your skills. Let’s talk about how we can promote this challenge for our patrons. Libraries are a safe space where the entire community can gather and express themselves.  We need to be there to help our patrons through tough days.

No matter how you feel today, or tomorrow, or next week, we are still here to provide answers, clarity, or even just distraction to our patrons. This challenge can do all of that at once.

Post the challenge in your buildings, put it on your websites, and encourage everyone to participate.

That’s all I have for today.


Donna said...

I suggested in our library that we consider conservative political viewpoints as a category of diversity that should be considered -- just as liberal political viewpoints should be considered in other areas. Our collection is actually very weak in the "top ten conservative magazines." That's probably true throughout metro Chicago. And the reverse in other places. "Read a topic you don't normally read" is an excellent recommendation. It applies to nonfiction as well as fiction genres.

Becky said...

Donna, that is an excellent point. We need to listen to and understand everyone. That doesn't mean we need to agree. Thank you for your comment. See you soon, I hope.