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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Webinar Recording on YA Crossovers-- Both Ways!

Recently, Booklist and NoveList teamed up for another one of their RA Conversations led by Rebecca Vnuk, Editor Collection Development and Library Outreach for Booklist to present YA Crossovers: Adult Books for Teen Readers, Teen Books That Appeal to Adults.

Here is the official description:
Many reference and readers' advisory (RA) library staff are more comfortable working with adult patrons based on their training or experience. This session will present some basic readers' advisory geared towards working with teen patrons and teen titles. Attendees will come away with more confidence in their ability to suggest both teen titles to adult readers and adult titles to teen readers. 
Agenda:* Basic readers' advisory for both Adult and Teen patron/titles* Recommended Adult titles for Teens* Recommended Teen titles for Adults* Resources* Q&A 
Desired Outcomes:Adult Reference and Readers' Advisory library staff feel more comfortable working with teens as well as how to incorporate teen titles into their readers' advisory work with adult patrons. 
The entire webinar is now available on the Reaching Across Illinois Library System's YouTube page here.

But before you decided to click through or not I wanted to let you know why I this webinar is worth your time.

First, YA cross over programs usually only go one way-- giving adult books for teen readers OR teen books for adults. This one covers both sides of the equation. This is good for obvious reasons in that you are getting way more titles discussed, but also, by discussing both sides, you are also gaining a deeper understanding of the appeal similarities and differences. You actually learn a lot more about helping a wider range of readers when you compare and contrasts these two leisure reading groups at the same time.

Second, Rebecca leaves the slides for a time and goes into Booklist AND Novelist to show you, in real time, how these resources [that most of my readers have access to] can help you help readers. I also incorporate using the resources in real time in my presentations. It is much more instructive than simply telling my audience what to do. I have even started having groups come to my training with real life questions [that I don't have ahead of time] so we can work through them together. So I whole heartedly endorse this move. It makes this webinar more useful.

Three, Rebecca knows her stuff. She worked many years in Adult Services, RA, and Collection Development. She has seen it all. She has much to share that is worth your time.

Finally, a disclaimer, she is my friend but also my editor at Booklist. I am not lying when I say I only write for that publication because she is there and I trust her judgement. If she weren't there, you probably wouldn't see my name in the magazine.

Click here to watch the video and learn.

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