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Friday, December 23, 2016

Library Workers' Favorite 2016 Titles

From 12/12-21 I participated in #LibFaves16 on Twitter. From Early Word:
The Librarians Have Spoken—or Tweeted #libfaves16. 
NOTE: Six years ago, our GalleyChatter columnist, Robin Beerbower along with Stephanie Chase and Linda Johns, began the annual #LibFaves project, an opportunity for librarians to tweet their favorite titles of the year. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds.. Below is Robin’s roundup of the year’s titles. 
Thanks also to the those who helped with the vote counting, Janet Lockhart, Vicki Nesting, Gregg Winsor, Robin Nesbitt, Andrienne Cruz, Jane Jorgenson, Lucy Lockley, Kristi Chadwick, Janet Schneider and Joe Jones. 
———————————————————————————————–For the past ten days, librarians have been doing their own year-end roundup of the best books by tweeting their favorites. The votes have now been tallied and EarlyWord can exclusively announce the results (eat your heart out, Entertainment Weekly!).There were over 1,400 total votes (300 more than last year!) for over 750 titles (100 more!), just another indicator of how widely librarians read. 
Click here to read the full run down of all the top titles. And here for the full spreadsheet of all of the votes.
I participated too, but I only did my favorite 2016 horror titles.  I wrote a wrap up of that on the horror blog, here.
My annual Top 10 books I read this year will post on 12/29 and includes titles published before 2016. Interestingly, my list of favorite books includes three of the Library Faves titles, and I am reading a fourth right now but I won’t be counting it in my 2016 rundown because even if I finish it in the next day or 2, I want to get a review up. You will probably be seeing it in my 2017 best list though.
Next week, I will be finishing up reviews for the year.

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