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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

RA for All Roadshow: PCI Webinars Presents- Recharge Your Book Club

Today marks the beginning of a monthly series of programs I will be doing for PCI Webinars. From their "About Us" page:

A team of experts in training, organizational development and continuing education focused on providing learning-based solutions for library organizations of all types and sizes. We provide both Live and © Access Now learning solutions for organizations in North America. Each year we present 100 unique live webinar learning experiences from highly acclaimed presenters and our Learning Library offers more than 150 © Access Now programs available for immediate download. 
With our sister company the People~Connect Institute, we have been providing online and face to face training, coaching and consulting programs and services for libraries since 1998.
My schedule with PCI Webinars will be as follows:
  • February 7: Recharge Your Book Club
  • March 7: RA Rethink: Merchandising
  • April 4: RA Guide to Horror: How to Help Your Scariest Patrons

PCI Webinars holds its presenters to a very high standard, which I appreciate. Not only do they want me to present and moderate a discussion during my one-hour slot, but they required a handout with follow up materials for the participants. They have been professional and focused throughout my prep work with them. I even participated in one of their webinars this fall and was impressed.

They strive to provide a professional product to a variety of professions, but library workers are one of their main audiences. In fact, many library systems hire PCI Webinars to provide the training for their members so that the product can be worth everyone's time and money. Having seen good continuing education managers forced to spend hours of their time trying to figure out the technology and logistics of simply offering a webinar which then leaves less time for them to plan and present the actual training itself, I was happy to hook up with PCI Webinars to help ease that burden and get more people actually trained to do better work for our patrons.

While it is too late to participate in today's live webinar, you can always access their extensive database of archived webinars in a variety of professional areas including Library Services, Leadership Management, Skills Development, and Technology/Social Media. Click through to learn more or contact me and I can get you in touch with the team over at PCI Webinars if you have specific questions.

So let's get presenting. Here is the link to today's live slides. And here is the handout.

By the way, this is a book discussion heavy week here on RA for All. Tomorrow I will have the report on this afternoon's 5th/6th grade book discussion and later this week I am headed to Kansas for some training that includes multiple book discussion programs.

I but I did warn you with my prediction that 2017 is going to be a comeback year for the book discussion, so pay attention.

Link to slides, here.
Link to handout, here.

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Cari said...

Yay! I'm excited that you are presenting for them!