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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NoveList Conversations: Informed Browsing Webinar Archive

Click here to go straight to the webinar
Today, I am simply passing on this webinar which was live yesterday. Every single one of you, whether you use NoveList or not, needs to watch this. Why? Because it is the next step for what we do. It's the Netflix-afication of identifying leisure materials.

You will learn more about proving RA Service in 2017 by watching this today than from anything I could write.

Besides the links to the webinar and slides, there are other resources so please explore. 

Webcast: Informed Browsing: Explore Your Library’s Collection with Metadata

Want to engage your readers -- wherever they are? Need tools to explore the depths of your collection, and to offer that almost-forgotten book to the reader who will love it? Hear about how the Reader Services Department of New York Public Library makes use of readers’ advisory-focused metadata to discover books in exciting new ways, with a few behind-the-scenes stories about the supporting work performed by librarians at NoveList.

This webcast is archived. Click here to watch the recording

Resources from the presentation:



Lynn Lobash is the manager of Readers Services at New York Public Library. She spends her days recommending books to all kinds of readers. She earned her MLIS from Rutgers University in 1999 and has been with the library for 14 years. When she is not reading and recommending books, she is watching her children do something amazing (look mom!) or petting her needy cats.

Victoria Caplinger leads the team of librarians in NoveList’s Book Discovery department, which creates readers’ advisory content in many forms. After finishing a four-year tour of duty on ALA’s Notable Books Council, she is now indulging heavily in genre reading, dividing her time between science fiction and horror, with the odd multi-volume fantasy series thrown in for good measure. Petting needy cats goes without saying.

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