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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Most of My ALA Schedule So That You Can Say Hi To Me If You Want

Many people have been asking me where I will be during ALA so they can say hi. This I encourage. In fact. even if you have never met me but read the blog regularly, please come find me and introduce yourself.  I am very friendly.

My problem at these large events is that you know an awful lot about me from reading the blog and you have my picture. I know nothing about you- including how you look- so unfortunately it is up to you to say hi to me first.

Since I am a huge extrovert and many of my readers are introverts I realize this can cause problems. But please, I would rather meet you than not, so stop me. You will not be the first or the last to do so.

To make it easier, below are places and times I plan to be where I will also have time to chat. But if you see me anywhere, feel free to stop me. I will also try to remember to take a selfie each morning and post it on Twitter so you know what I am wearing. That will show up in the Twitter feed in the right gutter of the blog, so even if you don’t use Twitter, you can come here to the blog and scroll to find my daily selfie.

My ALAing begins a day early- this afternoon actually for Book Buzz Chicago 2017:

I will be at lunch and then the Books for Adults Buzz.

Saturday, June 24:

Sunday, June 25

Monday, June 26 

10:30–11:30 a.m. Booklist's Read N’ Rave- Featuring ME!
Collection-development specialists rave about their favorite titles found on the exhibit floor. Moderated by Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist's Reference and Collection Management editor. (McCormick Place, W179a)
  • Yes, I am one of those specialists. Don’t miss this event! We are going to have fun. I even have a story about an author stalking me and then apologizing for it, but not denying it. And, I have orchestrated a giveaway of a book that is already out-- a hard cover copy of a finished book for the first 25 people who come to see this program, receive a ticket from me, and then head over to the correct booth. And this is a book you NEED to read. See I wasn’t kidding about you not missing this event.
  • Booklist Reader will have all of the Rave’d books up right after our presentation and I will have a post with more details about what I specifically said in my part on Monday or Tuesday [depending on how tired I am].
This is not my complete schedule, but it is a list of the places I know I will be AND when I would have time to chat.

So again, please come up to me if you want. I’d love to meet you.

See some of you in a few hours at CPL...

1 comment:

Sonia Reppe said...

I will see you at the Carnegie Awards! (I might see you Sunday too, but sadly I am not registered for Monday sessions(just Sunday)--Sonia