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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Graphic Novel and Audiobook Resource Updates

Over the last few days I have posted some longer pieces about working with readers of graphic novels and audiobooks [guest post]. Today I have a few, quick followups.

Earlier this summer, I let you all know about NPR’s summer poll where they were asking people to vote for their favorite graphic novels. Well, I forgot to post the results.  Here they are, your 100 Favorite Graphic Novels and Comics. The list is well done as it is broken up into categories like graphic novels [fiction and nonfiction separate], manga, superheroes, and more. This is a list you can use in conjunction with my post on how to help Graphic Novel format novices. It is the perfect place to start with newbies because, one, it is a crowd sourced list* so you are getting a best of the best list but chosen from thousands of different readers all with different appeal preferences, and two, each entry has an annotation with comments on the story AND the art. This is a resource you need to bookmark and use over and over again.

Yesterday, Book Riot had this post about the Best Audiobook Apps, Subscriptions, Freebies and More. I am more posting this list because it promotes Hoopla and Overdrive. The post I had Jez write for me last week was all about why we still need books on CD, but the fact is that many of our patrons use those apps. They also read Book Riot. So chances are when they read this post they will see those library apps and then want to talk to us about the entire article, figuring since it mentioned library things we will know about it. So there you go. Take a look and get ready to talk to people about how to stream audiobooks with their library card.

Tomorrow I will be back with a longer post about my trip to Sourcebooks, Inc and have a preview of some of their upcoming titles worth your time.

*For more by me on how to use crowd sourced lists better at your library, click here.

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