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Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall

Today is Fall. Ahh, cool breezes, falling leaves, and here in Chicago today it is...95 and humid!!!  Seriously, we are in the middle of the longest heat wave of the year. *Sigh*

But today is technically the first day of Fall and I refuse to not acknowledge my favorite season.  

Fall also marks the beginning of the huge influx of titles, especially big, popular books, that will start coming at us fast and furious.

You can find the lists everywhere but here are three that I really like to get you started:
Take these lists and start getting ready for the patrons who will be coming in to ask for these titles. Get your readalikes ready now.

You can also make displays of 2016, 2015, and 2014 "Big Fall Books” for people to read while they wait for this year’s. There is no way they have read them all already and you know they are good. Plus, they are still “Big Fall Releases” just not this year’s. You’d be surprised how little patrons mind. They just want to be assured that someone thinks the book is worth reading before they commit to reading it themselves.

Get ready now because it only gets more busy, with more titles being released every week, awards being given out, and Best Lists starting as early as October.

But don’t worry, you are getting ready now, on the first day of Fall. You have it under control. You have plenty of time.

Happy Fall and have a great weekend.

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