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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Video Access Now Live for "How to Stay in Top Genre Shape"

Click here for the video

Remember that day, almost a month ago when Karen Toonen, Marlise Schiltz and I presented a program about genre studies for Booklist, sponsored by NoveList and at Chicago Public Library? I am hoping the answer is yes, but just in case here is the link back to that day [with access to our slides]. 

Well, now you can view the entire program for free! Click here to access the video on the Booklist YouTube page.

I am very proud of this program both for what I shared and for inviting Karen and Marlise to share  their experience, from the trenches, running genre studies-- large and small. Plus, I talk about hippos. Yup, yes I do. That was not a typo. Click here for more on that.

I am also happy to announce that this presentation has sparked me to update and revamp my popular "Demystifying Genre" series of programs. I already have some takers on the yet to be completed programs for 2017-18. It seems that staying in genre shape is emerging as a new RA training trend. I am happy to see that because I have spent a lot of time traveling the country reinforcing basic RA skills with many of you in person and through my blog posts, and now, it appears everyone is starting to feel comfortable enough to take the next step.

I can’t wait to see where this all goes. But for now, watch us making staying in genre shape manageable and fun. You can get a head start on this RA training trend-- for free!

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