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Monday, October 2, 2017

Call to Action: Take Horror Seriously

Look, I know I like horror more than all of you. But guess what? You have plenty of patrons who are psyched up for some big times scares right now. It’s like the calendar turns over and masses of people come shambling in the library looking for a terrifying read.

For better or worse, October is the only chance those of us who live with horror all year long have to convince you why you need to care too. Note I said “convince you why you need to care,” not read or like it yourself. I really don’t care of you read a horror novel this season. I don’t even care if you ever like horror personally. What I care about is that you take the genre seriously so that you can help those who DO want to read these tales.

What you need to do is arm yourself with knowledge and resources about horror. What you need to do is know where to go to read about the genre, get in horror fighting shape, and find crowd pleasing suggestions.

What you need to do is read and follow 31 Days of Horror on my horror blog.

Yes I know I am spending today’s call to action to make you read my other blog, but it is really imperative that you take every genre seriously and this is the month for horror. This is when the genre has the most eyes on it. This is the month when you need me. It is the month when you will be seeking out the assistance as you help the readers who descent upon you, looking for the books that scare. As a result, it is the time that I will have the best chance of reaching you. I am not going to waste this opportunity.

Take horror seriously. It is not a gimmick. It has been since the beginning of human storytelling. You may not like it yourself, but lots of readers do. Arm yourself with the genre knowledge you need by clicking over to the horror blog. I have done all the heavy lifting on this Call to Action. All you have to do follow me into the dark side [literally, have you seen the horror blog? Click through and you will understand].

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