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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Ask Me To Help You Tackle Your BIGGEST, DARKEST RA Fears

Yup, thats right I am taking on all comers from today until 11/9. I am either brilliant or very, very stupid. We will find out soon enough.

Here are the details. As you may have seen here, on November 9th, ARRT is hosting a one day ARRTCon, or as I like to call it “Choose Your Own RA Adventure.” We have programming for all levels of RA and the details are here.

One of the break out sessions [probably being offered 2x that day] is what we are calling a Genre Unconference. I have a panel of victims, um I mean volunteers, from the ARRT Steering Committee who have agreed to answer your questions about the hardest to help patrons.

We want this program to help as many of you as possible, so we are making it available virtually, well as best we can. Let me explain.

We want as many questions from all of you, from wherever you are, as possible so we have created a poll which anyone, anywhere can submit to either in the embedded version below or using this link:

I will gather all of the responses and get them on sticky notes to post on the wall the day of the event. We will also be collecting questions from everyone at ARRTCon on November 9th. I will then use those questions to run the program.
But here is my promise to all of you-- I will not only take notes of the entire conversation as it happens that day-- all questions and answers-- to post here on the blog, but also, I will save every single one of your questions and if we don’t get to it at the event, I will answer them myself in future blog posts.
This means that the conversation we have will be available here on the blog AND I will address every single question we get. All you have to do is let me know your deepest, darkest RA fear here and I will help you find a way to overcome it and provide better RA Service.
Now is your chance to ask the experts. The poll is open until November 9th.
If you live within driving distance of Naperville, IL consider coming. We still have space. The link to register is below.
But no matter where you live, do not miss this chance to ask me anything. Again, either I’m brilliant or very stupid. I guess you will have to wait to see.

Click here to register to attend in person

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