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Thursday, November 9, 2017

ARRTCon Booktalking Slides and An Explanation of How Genre Unconference Will Work For Attendees and All of My Readers

Today I will be both a presenter and an attendee at ARRTCon- a 1 day, choose your own RA Adventure. 

We have created this page with all of the handouts and slides for the day. Anyone can access these whether you attended or not. For example, my Booktalking program slides are linked here already.

Please check back frequently because there are more notes and slides to be added in the days to come. 

Also many of us will be live Tweeting the event from the different rooms and programs using #arrtreads.

All of this info is important, but I want to spend the bulk of this post talking about the two sessions of the Genre Unconference that I will be moderating today at 1:20 and 2:05. 

I gathered a group of ARRT Steering Committee members to be my victims, oh, I mean volunteers. Seriously though, I have asked them to come to share their deepest, darkest RA fears in order to encourage others to share theirs. I will be the guide to this process and chime in occasionally. Mostly I will be recording what is said here to create a handout all of you can access on the ARRT website next week.

My goal is to make these sessions as free form as possible. I did ask my panel a few questions ahead of time so we can start things off and give people time to write down their questions. Here are those:

  1. What is your biggest genre fear?
  2. What is your biggest genre fail moment? What did you do?
  3. What is the genre that you wish was read more at your library? And, what are you doing, or what haven’t you yet done, to fix this?
  4. What is your favorite resource for your least favorite genre?

We also have some questions that people have already contributed through our Google Poll, but the key to this program is me encouraging everyone who is there contributing their questions, anonymously, on their post-it notes.

We want to make this program a safe space to ask any question you have about serving leisure readers, no matter the question. Our goal is to address as many issues and concerns as possible, and to answer them honestly using our various years of experience. As the moderator, I will also be encouraging people in the audience to be a part of offering answers. We are all in this crazy RA Service adventure together. We all have things to ask, yes, but we also have so much to share to help each other too. I am just providing the guidance and space.

And the entire time, as I said above, I will be keeping notes, so the discussions from both sessions will be recorded, but even more importantly, I will keep all of the questions you ask and I promise, even if we don’t get to it in the sessions, I will address them here on the blog.

I am so excited to moderate this panel. Together we will address your deepest and darkest RA fears. Together we will share tips and tricks that have worked. Together we will assess our successes and failures to see what we can learn from both. And I will get a sense of what your biggest concerns are so I can keep being helpful to you.

Stay tuned.

Now let’s get this ARRTCon started.

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