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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

LibraryCon Live! Coming to a Computer Near Your on Dec. 6th!

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I realized that I signed up for Library Journal’s virtual Con and never passed it on here on the blog.

Thankfully there is still time for you to sign up here. Below I am posting the information from that sign up page, but a few comments first.

One of the moderators is my friend and co-StokerCon 2018 Librarians’ Day Coordinator, Kristi Chadwick. She has told me about some of the things that are planned and I can’t wait.

Second, everyone will want to tune in for the panel on how to plan a Con at your library. This is a huge growth area for libraries. My local library does an Anime-fest which is run like a Con. It grows every year and soon we might outgrow our space.  Trust me, on the outside you wouldn’t think my town would be a hot bed on Anime activity, but it is. You all need to hear from these libraries who have planned and run successful Cons.

Third, the opening and closing speakers are both excellent.

And fourth, whether you are a fan of SF, FSY, and Graphic Novels yourself or not, I promise you, your patrons ARE. Genre geekdom no longer hides in the shadows, and they want the library to serve them. So if you are not a fan yourself, you need this Con to help you get up to speed.

I realize very few, if any, of us can sit and watch the entire thing all day, but it is free to sign up. You can pop in and out, and you will get access to the recordings after. This is going to be a fun and useful event. And, you don’t have to travel or pay a dime. Go....get signed up now.

Still not convinced by no travel and no money? Here are the full details from the sign up page:
Join Library Journal and School Library Journal for our inaugural LibraryCon Live! We’re excited to offer a day-long celebration of fandom-beloved stories and characters, from pulse-pounding sci-fi horror to innovative reboots of classic series to mind-bending speculative fiction across formats. You’ll also learn from librarians and industry insiders on how to plan and host your own Comic Con-style event.
Plus, network online with other fans and explore our virtual exhibit hall where you’ll hear directly from publishers about their newest books and engage in live chats with featured authors. Whether you’re a public or school librarian, an educator of teens and young adults, or a superfan of graphic novels and sci-fi/fantasy, don’t miss this chance to meet and interact with some of your favorite stars across these genres.
Speakers include:
Opening Keynote:  John Jennings, (Lee & Low Books)
Superheroes, Super Powers, and the Supernatural
  • Joshua Dysart, (Penny Farthing)
  • Sina Grace, (Marvel)
  • Dr. Sheena C. Howard, (Lion Forge)
  • Jill Thompson, (Penguin Random House/DC Comics)
  • Peter Tomasi, (Penguin Random House/DC Comics)
  • Keezy Young, (Lion Forge)
  • Jason Puckett, (Georgia State University)
How to Plan and Host Your Own Library Con
  • Helen Crosson and Liz Hughes, (Half Hollow Hills Library, NY)
  • Marissa Lieberman, (East Orange Public Library, NJ)
  • Maggie Novario, (Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, WA)
  • Christina “Steenz” Stewart, (Lion Forge)
  • Ivy Weir, (Quirk Books)
Escape and Enchant: The Mind-Bending World of Speculative Fiction
  • Katherine Arden, (Penguin Random House/Del Rey)
  • Pierce Brown, (Penguin Random House)
  • Edgar Cantero, (Penguin Random House/Doubleday)
  • Fonda Lee, (Orbit)
  • Axie Oh, (Lee & Low)
  • Scott Westerfeld, (Macmillan)
  • Kristi Chadwick, (Massachusetts Library System)
Exploring the “Invisible Art” of Comics
  • Grace Ellis, (Image Comics)
  • Tony Medina, (Lee & Low)
  • Cyril Pedrosa, (Europe Comics)
  • Alex Segura, (Penguin Random House/Archie Comics)
  • Brenna Thummler, (Andrews McMeel)
Closing Keynote: Gene Luen Yang, (Penguin Random House/DC Comics)
LibraryCon Live! is a free, completely virtual conference—no traveling and no cost!
Register now! We look forward to ‘seeing’ you on December 6th.
Thank you to our sponsors:
Penguin Random House Library Marketing
Diamond Book Distributors
Andrews McMeel Universal
Archie Comics
Baker & Taylor
DC Entertainment
Del Rey Books
Europe Comics
Image Comics
Junior Library Guild
Lee & Low Books 
Lion Forge
Penguin Young Readers Group
Penny-Farthing Productions
Quirk Books

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