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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

RA for All Virtual Roadshow: PCI Webinars Staying in Genre Shape

This morning is my second of two genre related webinars for PCI. You can see this one from 2 weeks ago which is an introduction to thinking about genre based on why readers enjoy them here. There are slides an a handout available at this link.

Today is a completely updated and new version of my second level genre training-- Staying in Genre Shape. The biggest change in this Genres 201, as I like to call it is that I have taken the focus off of telling you what I think you should know and instead put the emphasis on teaching you how to keep yourself in the know.

Here is the description:
Staying in Genre ShapeOnce you know what makes a mystery a mystery or a fantasy a fantasy and why a patron may prefer on of those genres to another, it is time to move on to the next step...keeping that genre knowledge up to date. Yes, Harry Potter will always be classified a fantasy and Agatha Christie a mystery, but within those larger categories there are smaller subgenres and trends that evolve over time. Join noted Readers’ Advisory Specialist and long time Genre Study coordinator, Becky Spratford as she gives you a work out plan for staying in genre shape. She will show you not only how vital it is to stay on top of the changes within genre fiction, but also how easy and, more importantly, fun it is to stay in genre shape. Together we will rethink the entire concept of genre and how we use it to help readers find their next good read.  
Everyone can see the slides here and below. I also made an extensive handout with all of my favorite resources for each genre.

The overall theme of this webinar is that just by creating your own genre plan and then revisiting it on a regular basis, much like a simple workout plan, you can stay in the know for every genre.

I am already contracted to give this overhauled program at many libraries in 2018 and I am sure it will evolve further the more times I give it.  If you want me to share this training with your staff or regional team, contact me. I am offering 2017 pricing through 12/31 for all dates in 2018. I have limited dates in April, May, and June still available and Fall is wide open [except Columbus Day].

But right now I need to give my last live program of 2017.

Click here for slide access

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