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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Trends Video Now Live and Free!

Last week I presented a BRAND new program on trends in adult leisure reading and collection development. Click here for that post which includes the slides.

But RAILS, my local library system who organized and hosted this webinar, is awesome and not only recorded the presentation but has posted it on their YouTube page for anyone in the world to view for free. You can click here or access it in the embedded video below.

This program compiles months of trending and Call to Action posts in one place. Even though I try to use tags and archives to keep these important posts together, many of my readers miss these or, as even happens to me, forget that I wrote about a topic.

I will be refining/updating this program one more time for a March presentation, but it will be only 60 mins instead of 90 and it will not be recorded. And then, it will be retired because it will be out of date. So until then, enjoy.

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