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Thursday, March 8, 2018

RA for All Virtual Roadshow: 2018 RA and Collection Development Trends Webinar for PCI

This year instead of doing a year end wrap up webinar, I switched gears and created a “What’s To Come” webinar instead. Both types of programs have a short shelf life, but I felt like it was more valuable to spend my time prepping you all for what is coming rather than focusing on what we already went through.

I debuted this program in a 90 minute version for RAILS here.

Today will be the final time I give this program, and I have shortened it to 60 minutes. Basically, I went through and reassessed what is the most important information and kept that.

This program not only highlights some of the most important trends in RA and CD but also, I go into detail on how to stay on top of trends all year long. Heck, if I can do it as a 42 year old suburban white lady, you can do it too.

While this webinar will run live from 2-3pm eastern today, PCI does provide archive access for all of their webinars.  Click here for details.

You can click here for the slide access for this afternoon’s webinar and here for the handout which contains all of the links.

Click Here for Slides Access

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