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Friday, April 20, 2018

Proof Practice Works for EVERYONE!

I am hoping that by now, every one of my readers know about my 10 Basic Rules of RA Service. Rule 10 is:
      -- Get Booked podcast as a practice tool
      -- Participate in #AskaLibrarian
      -- reader profile exercise
I always say this in my training sessions, but I practice using at least one of these tool every single week, and it always helps. Yesterday I had such a valuable experience in my own practicing that I thought it was worth sharing with all of you.

I was listening to The Get Booked podcast while I was driving around. This week it was all about Nonfiction and one of the books that came up was The Poisoner’s Handbook by Deborah Blum, an excellent nonfiction about the birth of forensic medicine.

I am currently working on finding my 15 year old daughter, with dreams of being a forensic scientist/medical examiner books to read for fun. She loves Sherlock Holmes both the originals and the modern updates like The House of Silk [which she is reading right now]. She also loves narrative nonfiction. And as you can see here, Blum’s book is a perfect match for her.

Here’s the thing though....I read this book in 2013 and really liked it. Here’s my review. But, I had completely forgotten about it when asked by her for something to read. This proves that all of us need practice.

Hearing about books, anytime, anywhere, especially listening to people talk about the feel of the book and why someone may like it not only introduces us to titles we didn’t know about, but also, reminds us of the the perfect book we read already but had forgotten about, a book that might be the perfect match for the reader in front of you, if only you could remember it existed. And in this case, I didn’t remember.

Practice works for everyone, from the newbie to the expert like me. Thank goodness I practice. My daughter is going to be thrilled when the hold comes in[seriously I placed a hold immediately]. Don’t think you are too good to practice. No one is ever too good to practice and today’s post is the proof.

Click here to read my review of The Poisoner’s Handbook. And, while you are at it, why not go back and peruse through some of the books you haven’t read for 5 years or so. Speaking of, some of you may not have notes. To those of you, I refer you back to my 10 Rules page, Rule 4. Start taking notes!

Have a great weekend. Spring has finally sprung here in Chicagoland and I am going to enjoy it.

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