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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

RA for All Roadshow Visits North Central TN for Regional Training

Today I am in the suburbs of Nashville to train staff from three of Tennessee's region library systems.  We are going to train the trainer to spread my version of interactive, patron friendly, conversation based RA service across another region of TN. I am slowly but surely hitting the entire state.

Below you can find the slide and handout access. And please note, all of these programs have been updated.

  • RA for All Signature Program: This program follows Becky's 10 Rules of RA Service
  • Booktalking: Harnessing the Power of Sharing Books With Readers: slides here
  • Demystifying Genre: slides here featuring a diverse collection of authors for your library
  • RA Rethink: Merchandising and Upselling Edition: This is about displays and promotion but I use fancy words so your administrators will give these old techniques the credit they deserve.  slides here

There is information here to help everyone out there and the slides are filled with dozens of links to take you further into each topic. Just because you aren't at this presentation doesn't mean this post won't help you to help a reader.

I would especially point all of you to the genre slides so at the very least you can stop telling me you don’t know any “diverse” authors to suggest.

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