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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New ARRT Romance Genre Study Notes

Yesterday I spent 3 hours talking about how you can help genre fiction readers find their next good read. I spent most of the time trying to remove the fear and trepidation we all face, especially with readers of genres with which we are less familiar. The knowledge I give you really is power because  it gives you the tools to help all readers.

One of my major suggestions was to create a genre work out plan with being a part of a group genre study as one of the options. For example, the ARRT Genre Study.

Speaking of... at ARRT we have just posted the notes from the last meeting and have the next assignment up.  You can be lazy and click the links I provided below OR you can visit our romance genre study webpage which has every meeting assignment and notes [as we get to them] OR  the page which houses the notes and assignments from past genre studies.
Love Stories vs. RomanceApril 5, 2018, 2-4 PM
Glenview Public Library
Contemporary RomanceJune 7, 2018, 2-4 PM
Lisle District Library
We highly encourage all of you out there to use our genre studies as a guide. Feel free to borrow our assignments, even use our notes and slides shows to guide your meetings. Or look ours over and go in a different direction, one that fits your group better. Whatever you decide, we want to be there to help you make the process easier, remove the hurdles of organization and information, so that you get started learning together.

All we ask is that you cite us as your source material if you use anything. That’s it.

Start getting back into genre shape with a few clicks today.

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