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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Corner Shelf Newsletter: Audiobook RA Program Video and Advice for Conferencing

The latest issue of the Corner Shelf is out and while each issue is always informative, this one has two pieces in particular that I wanted to point out to you.

First, here is Susan, with her Editor’s Note:

Corner Shelf - A Booklist Newsletter
Whenever I go to any sort of library event, something comes over me. It's a particular madness that strikes when confronted with the possibility of FREE BOOKS while in the presence of others who are also mad for swag. I was picking up galleys at PLA, even though I work in a place where publishers send galleys to my office!  
But this madness cares not for logic. It just wants to fill your free tote bag with those sweet, sweet books.  
I try to justify my galley gathering by saying I'm going to review the book, or share it with someone I know who totally loves this kind of thing (aka readers' advisory) . . . but I don't mean it. I know I'm going to put them in a pile in my living room and look at them and be happy because free books 
Aside from the permanent damage this has done to my spine, is it really so wrong? Unfortunately, I think the answer is yes. It is much better to be judicious with my ARC selection, to strike up a conversation with the publisher rep to ensure that I'm using precious suitcase space for something really meaningful. To see free books not as free books but as an opportunity for professional development rather than gluttony. 
Ha ha, like I'd ever listen to my own advice. Good thing I got Kaite Mediatore Stover to give us some conference-going tips. Plus, we've got the summary and video of Joyce Saricks' listeners'-advisory event for those who couldn't make it, and some great book suggestions, old and new.  
Oh, and if you see me at ALA in New Orleans with a stack of galleys, feel free to remind me of this column . . .  
—Susan Maguire Senior Editor, Collection Development and Library Outreach, Booklist smaguire@ala.org @Booklist_Susan 

First, I wanted to highlight the recording of the live Booklist and NoveList program on Listeners’ Advisory from last month. I couldn’t make it, but I watched the video as soon as it went up. Whether you are an audio RA expert, a newbie, or anywhere in between, there is something to learn here. Details in the newsletter and immediately below.

RA Showcase: Listeners' Advisory
Joyce Saricks

We are very lucky to have Bona Fide Readers'-Advisory Legend Joyce Saricks as the Audio Editor here at Booklist. You all reap the rewards in every issue of Booklist with her thoughtful features and curated reviews. Now you can reap additional rewards (the Saricks? The Joycees?) by revisiting "Listeners' Advisory: Empowering Staff to Take on the Audio Collection," the latest in Booklist's ongoing series of live events called "RA Conversations" (sponsored by NoveList), which was held on May 16th at the Skokie Public Library.‌ read more→

I also loved the piece by my friend Kaite Stover where she shares her tips and tricks to make any conference experience the best it can be. Whether you are going to ALA or a local conference, now or any time on the future, this is a great planning tool. I have been to my share of conferences and I even picked up a tip. 

Notes from the Field: 5 Things I Learned in 15 Years of Conferences

Kaite Mediatore Stover

Are you joining us in New Orleans for ALA Annual? Are you overwhelmed by the bounty of professional goodness on the programming schedule? We asked Kaite Mediatore Stover for suggestions on how to make the most of Annual in the Big Easy. Let the Productive Times Roll!‌ read more→
There is much more in the full issue. Click on over and take a look.

If you are going to ALA Annual you can come see me, Kaite, and Susan [with others] live at ALA Annual. Details were in yesterday’s post.

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