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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Resource Alert-- Final Reports from Library Journal’s Day of Dialog

I was BEA Left Behind which means I missed all of Library Journal’s wonderful Day of Dialog, but I didn’t need to fear because Editor, Wilda Williams wrote up a summary of each and every panel, with pictures.

Click here for all of the Day of Dialog coverage. What I alway love about Day of Dialog is that each panel is broken up by a genre or format and include authors. So yes we get info about upcoming books, but we have moderation by genre experts who ask the authors interesting questions about their work, the genre itself, trends, etc. It is more than a book buzz.

Again click here for all of the reports on one page. Also, don’t forget you can search past Day of Dialog reports. For example, a simple search using this link brings up everything report from the 2017 event. I actually used that link yesterday to suggest a book for someone from this list of popular 2017 titles in translation.  I didn’t go in 2017 either, but those reports are still working for me to help readers.

In fact, I would argue that because I didn’t attend, precisely because I was left behind, I was more aware that I needed to seek out the information from both events. Actively searching for it, actively trying to follow it from afar, meant that it became a resource from the start. Not an event, a resource-- one I have and will continue to use to help readers.

I saved this post for today as a reminder, that being left behind for a major conference does not mean you can’t learn from the conference itself. You might even learn more.

Tomorrow I will be headed to ALA and plan to prove this point to all of you- both those who are there and those who are ALA Left Behind.

I will explain how it is going to work before I catch my plane to NOLA tomorrow.

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