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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another Library Reads Diverse Books Resources

Last week I wrote about Kelly Jensen’s database identifying diverse titles that are eligible for Library Reads votes.

In that post I said it was our only resource and encouraged you to help her add to it. However, that was not true, there is another comprehensive, crowd sourced resource that I neglected to mention over on Early Word-- an extensive database Nora Rawlinson is also keeping for all of us here.

This is a wonderful tool for upcoming, inclusive titles worth your consideration, but Nora goes even further.  She moves the previous month to the end of the spreadsheet, adds notes which provide information about series, vendor, and any buzz, and provides info on the print run if available. This extra information makes the spreadsheet a great general collection development tool also.

Please use these resources to both vote for titles for Library Reads but also to build your collections and suggest titles to patrons.

Thank you to Nora and Kelly for their hard work. Like me, they cannot vote for Library Reads [you must be employed by a public library in the United States to be eligible to vote], but that doesn’t mean any of us are going to stop helping you make our list as inclusive and representative as possible. We need to show our colleagues, patrons, and the world at large about all of the wonderful books that they might not know about without us. We need to have a list that reflects the inclusive populations we serve. And to do that, we need to do what we always do....use resources to guide us.

Also don’t forget to visit both Early Word and Book Riot regularly for up to date information about Library Reads and other RA and Collection Development related issues.

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Nora R said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Becky and for encouraging us all to read more diversely.