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Friday, July 6, 2018

Trending: Australian Thrillers and Cli-Fi

There are two trends I wanted to alert you to, and both come with links to make a display either in the library or online [or both].

First, via BookPage, the popularity of Jane Harper’s thrillers is leading toward American audience to seek out more Australian thrillers. Thankfully there are plenty, as Harper herself points out in this article with an annotated list of books.

If you are a NoveList subscriber, this emerging trend pairs perfectly with their expansion into Australia. They have expanded their Australian authors, titles, and information and it is available to all users no matter where they live.

Second, via, well just about everywhere, the sub genre of SF known as Climate Fiction or Cli-Fi is now fully emerged. Heck, it even has its own Wikipedia article. Click here, here, and especially here [for a recurring column devoted to the topic] for some great articles explaining the subgenre with lists of titles. And my favorite resource for emerging genres, click here for the Goodreads crowdsourced list of titles tagged Cli-Fi by readers themselves.

And there you go, some new lists to work with as you get ready for another week to begin.

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