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Monday, August 6, 2018

Booklist’s August Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Spotlight

RA for All is back from Vacation and I am easing back into the blog by pointing you to my favorite Booklist spotlight issue of the year-- the annual SF/F/H spotlight.

Tomorrow, I will have my specific reviews from the issue here on the blog with all of my extra info, but before that I wanted to point you to the top ten lists for SF/F [combined] and the separate one for horror. [Four out of the ten are my reviews!] I will have the full text of the horror list on the horror blog later today, with some comments by me, but for now, you can find all of the links below:

But I do want to give my editor, Susan Maguire, a shout out. She took over editing SF/F/H in late 2017 and this was her first Horror Top Ten to compile and she hit it out of the park. The list she compiled, based on the horror that received stars during the year, accurately represents the full range of what one can expect from the very best horror of the year. Kudos to her!

While you should check all of the genre specific coverage linked below from the Booklist Reader post, I also wanted to point out my conversation with Don D'Auria, the editor of a brand new, library friendly horror press. Again, I will post the full text on the horror blog, but check out the conversation now. Don and I talked in person at StokerCon and via email for this piece. I am putting my personal seal of approval on this press. You need to pay attention to Flame Tree Press. They will be distributed through B&T and Ingram so you can easily order all of their titles. I also reviewed one of their new titles in this same issue, but that is for tomorrow’s post.

Please look at all of the SF/F/H coverage for both your work with patrons and collection development. And don’t forget, the top 10 lists are ready made for both displays and book talks right now!


The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on SF/Fantasy and Horror

The August issue of Booklist magazine is now live. Visit Booklist Online, where you’ll find 389 new reviews and 10 new feature articles and lists. The articles will be free to all for the next two weeks—to have unrestricted access, you’ll need to log in. If you aren’t yet a subscriber, or do subscribe but haven’t registered for access, you can take care of that today!

This month, we put the spotlight on sf/fantasy and horror. In addition to her subscriber-exclusive Core Collection of Afrofuturism, Susan Maguire brings us top 10 lists for adult-oriented horror and sf/fantasy, while Maggie Reagan and Joyce Saricks include both in their top 10 lists of sf/fantasy and horror for youth in print and on audio. Maggie Reagan also spoke with J. C. Cervantes, author of high-action middle-grade fantasy The Storm Runnerwhile Becky Spratford spoke with seasoned horror editor Don D’Auria about new developments in the genre.
As you know, you can still find the complete magazine online! Booklist’s digital edition of the August issue is also live. It’s a great new way to explore the magazine from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung Galaxy, or any other internet-connected device. With the digital issue, subscribers will now get print, online, digital, and archival access to the 22 Booklist and four Book Links issues each year! Visit www.booklistonline.com.

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