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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Resource Reminder: Paste Magazine: Helpful Coverage for Just About Everything We Circulate

Today my email box and Twitter feed are full of people sending me the link to the excellent and modernized list from Paste Magazine, “The 50 Best Horror Novels of All Time.” [Although it has nothing by Brian Keene or Stephen Graham Jones- Mongrels is a modern classic for any genre, but otherwise, it is a good list for all libraries to use].

This influx of others linking me to Paste reminds me that Paste is a resource I use regularly but haven’t talked about here on the blog in a while.

Paste Magazine’s books coverage is a wonderful resource for library workers as we work with readers on the desk. Below I have compiled a quick list highlighting the different types of articles they have and how to best use their book coverage as we work with readers at the service desk:

Finally, the very best things about Paste Magazine-- they have all of this wonderful level of smart and comprehensive coverage for Comics, TV, Movies, Music, and Games in their own separate tabs. I especially love the summaries of all of the TV series I will never get the chance to watch but need to know about in order to help patrons. Literally all of the things we check out, they have in depth coverage on. So everything for books x5, 5 more formats what we work with everyday. There are very few resources that cover so much of what we circulate all in one place.

Take some time to poke around and try using Paste to help a reader, gamer, or viewer today.

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