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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Booklist Starred Reviews Issue 2018

The current issue of Booklist is the Starred reviews for 2018 roundup. This year, the magazine was paired with an excellent and useful 22 minute, free webinar:
The December 15 issue of Booklist will be our second annual Starred Reviews issue, collecting all the adult and youth titles published in 2018 that received the coveted Booklist star. How can you make the best use of this remarkable resource in your library or school besides filling in collection gaps? Join Erin Downey Howerton, Children’s Manager at the Wichita Public Library, for a star-spangled list of ways the Booklist Starred Reviews issue can help with fundraising, displays, programming, book groups, community engagement, and more. As a special thank-you to webinar attendees, all registrants will receive a digital copy of Booklist’s December 15, 2018 Starred Reviews issue! 
Click here to watch and learn how use the magazine you already paid for.

I also wanted to use the publication of this issue to point out the 6 horror titles, 1 collection of speculative stories, and 1 science fiction novel which I gave a star to that appear in this issue. The links lead to my review here on the blog too:

However, no matter what area you purchase for or help patrons with, there is much you can use the Star Review Issue for. Again watch the 22 minute webinar which breaks it down, and put the dollars you have already spent to work for you.

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