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Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 ARRT Book Club Study Schedule and Reminder to Renew

Today is the first meeting of the ARRT Steering Committee for 2019.

Odd years are always big for ARRT as we offer a full day RA Conference in the Fall. Plus this year we have added a travel grant to help make it feasible for smaller libraries to send their staff to our programs.

We are also offering a program on podcasting over the summer-- both how to and how to provide RA for podcast listeners-- and a Romance author panel this Spring. And members always receive a discount for every program.

And this year we are finishing up the work we have been doing on a complete overhaul of the ARRT Popular Fiction Authors List which, when it is done, will be on NoveList. As I mentioned in my 2019 resolutions, you will hear a lot more about this process from me throughout the year.

Of course there is also the ongoing Genre Study [Romance for 1 more year] and the Book Club Study [more below].

To take full advantage of everything ARRT offers, you can click here to become a member for only $15 [$5 if you are a student]. It is a great deal, seriously. For example, if you attend every program, you actually make your membership fee back ion discounts. Not to mention the networking opportunities and unique CE.

Today, I want to highlight on of our most popular member benefits-- The Book Club Study. I am one of the people on the committee that plans these meetings. While attendance requires a membership, everyone can access our notes.

We have set the 2019 schedule, both dates and books. Leadership topics will be added as we go based on participants needs and request.

Please go to the Book Club Study home page or see below. All red font is a link. The "Archive" link takes you to an index of both the titles and leadership topics we have discussed. We suggest using the discussion notes as an example of how to discuss that book and the leadership topic notes are a valuable resource to dealing with common book club leadership issues and concerns.

Here are the details on what the Book Club Study is and our 2019 schedule:
The Adult Reading Round Table provides all members access to our quarterly Book Club Study, which combines a book discussion and leadership training. 
We give library book discussion leaders the chance to sit back and enjoy being discussion participants while also offering a forum for sharing questions and practical solutions to the problems and concerns of book group leaders. This “nuts and bolts” training session is offered at the end of each discussion. 
Both the traditional book discussion and the leadership training session are moderated by a member of the ARRT Steering Committee. Upcoming discussions are posted on this website and members are also invited to join discussions by email. If you are a member and wish to attend the discussion, you must register in advance and secure your own copy of the book. 
With a rotating cast of leaders, titles, and locations, we hope our members will find a discussion that fits their schedule. 
2019 Discussion Schedule Upcoming DiscussionLeadership Training ResourcesArchive

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