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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

RA for All is Taking a Cold Day- Go Read A Book

Here in the Chicago area everything is closed. Our high temperature will reach a whopping -13 today [without wind chill factored in]. My furnace is running and seems happy to be keeping my house 63 even though it is set for 70 [although this appears to be par for the course].

I am working from home on a reference for a colleague and a review for Booklist, and then I am going to attack my stack of library books that I want to read, not ones I have to read.

Why don't you join me? Pick up that book that has been on your to-read pile for forever. Go to your library's website and download something you either have wanted to read and never got around to OR pick something totally at random, download it, and see what happens. [I might do that later actually] Re-read an old favorite.

Just go read. Especially those of you who had work cancelled. Don't use the extra time to organize your house or clean or whatever. Use it to read.

I know the world thinks we library workers sit around all day and read, but unfortunately, as we know, this is hardly the case. We are all struggling to find time to read with everything else we do. So, take advantage today and get under a blanket and read.

I am going to alternate between reading and playing board games with the kids. We are digging out the games from the bottom of the closet so this should be fun.

Stay safe and enjoy a good book.


Estella Belle said...

Unfortunately, some of us work for counties that don't believe in closing no matter how nasty it is out. Even for my fellow Minnesotans, this is nasty. So here we are serving the patrons who really want their books and movies. Please read an extra book for me.

Becky said...

This is true Estella. My library toyed with staying open, but here in IL they were urging everyone to stay home. Once the AMC theaters in the whole region and Major Chicago museums closed, we decided it meant we needed to close too. No mail delivery either. The region asked for people to stay home if they could. Also, we found our our local police would drive the homeless to warming centers for free, so we made sure that info was passed on too.

But yes, many libraries did say open.