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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Book Expo Librarian Shout and Share

Last week, Donna Seaman moderated the annual Book Expo tradition of having librarians call out the Fall releases they are most excited about. Booklist was the sponsor this year and over on Booklist Reader, they have posted all of the titles. Click here to see what you should be planning to read and order for your patrons.

Below, I have reposted the intro and the information about the Shouters and Sharers but to see the books themselves you have to click through.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard while at Book Expo to gather up and share their favorite titles. I have been one fo these people at ALA Annual a few times, and I know it is not easy to do while attending the conference. But I also know how much it helps everyone, everywhere, to serve their patrons better. So thanks.

Shout ‘n Share! Booklisters Call Out Enticing Fall Titles

We were so excited to present this year’s Shout ‘n Share at Book Expo in New York City, an event where we called out forthcoming books we’re excited about, presenting as many brief synopses as possible in a quick hour. And now we’re delighted to share the shout-outs here, with the able help of Booklist editorial assistant Biz Hyzy. As Booklist’s editor for the Adult Books section, Donna Seaman was honored to moderate, and thrilled to be joined by a splendid panel of book-smart and enthusiastic librarians. Below you’ll find out more about each panelist—and their reading picks for the coming months.
Andrienne is a librarian at the Azusa City Library, City of Azusa, California. A rising star in the EarlyWord GalleyChat, she is a member of the LibraryReads board.
ELIZABETH JOSEPHElizabeth is currently the Coordinator of Information & Adult Services at the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut. She has served on the Notable Books Council and the Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction & Nonfiction selection committee.
BILL KELLYThe Adult Programming Manager for Cuyahoga County Public Library, Bill has served as Chair of ALA’s Notable Books Council, a member of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence selection committee, and a member of ALA’s Readers’ Advisory Research and Trends Committee. Bill is also a recipient of the Allie Beth Martin Award, given to a librarian who has demonstrated extraordinary range and depth of knowledge about books and distinguished ability to share that knowledge.
STEPHEN SPOSATOAs Manager, Content Curation, Stephen Sposato supervises content selection and readers advisory for Chicago Public Library, where he has worked for over twenty years. He is a current member of the CODES Notable Books Council and serves on the LibraryReads Board.

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