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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Library Journal Takes a Deep Dive Into Generational Reading Habits: Part 2

As I wrote about for the first part of this series here:
But now, here comes Library Journal to the rescue. They have begun a series of deep dives into generational reading behavior, with a particular focus on library usage. I am very excited to pass on this first report here and below. I have also started a new tag, "generational reading behavior," in order to make pulling up the entire series easier in the future. 
Yes, knowing out local populations is key to the best public library service, but understanding broader trends and looking at a larger picture is also important. This report is fascinating and the charts are very useful. This is a series that every single one of my readers can and will use.
I will be tagging every post in this series "generational reading behavior" so that you can pull them all up with one click when the series is complete.

Part 2 is up [it has been for a bit, I just forgot to post it] and it is on Gen Z.

Click here or below to read this second installment.

Click here to access the full report

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