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Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Last ARRT Steering Committee Meeting

From 1-4 pm today I will attend my last ARRT Steering Committee meeting. Now, to be fair, I am still the co-chair of ARRTCon happening a week from today [by the way, we are going to allow last minute signups until Monday, but we are really pushing max capacity so if you want in, register now], so this is not my last act as a member of the ARRT SC. Also, I will have a joint project with ARRT coming in 2020 [details soon]. But today is the last time I will be a part of the planning and execution of ARRT programs.

This was not an easy decision to leave the SC, but with my increased work for the Horror Writers Association, my new gig as the Horror Columnist for Library Journal, a book to write, and my regular consulting job, it was the one thing that had to go.

But there is good news, I will still be a member and will attend programs and events [especially Book Club Study!], I just can not give ARRT the time, attention, and energy they deserve from me to be a part of the leadership team.

But I did want to use this space today to thank everyone who I have ever served with on the ARRT Steering Committee and wish good luck to all of those who will serve in the future. We are the oldest Readers' Advisory networking and training group in the country and have inspired many others to start their own similar groups. ARRT isn't going anywhere and will do great things without me, just as they did before me.

Here is where all of you, my readers, come in. No matter where you live in the country, ARRT has plenty of resources for you. From our Genre Study to Book Club Study to Program recaps and resources, there are plenty of things we offer to help you. But also, we hope to inspire you all to coordinate regional networking among the library workers in your areas.

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