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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Notes from the Filed Featuring Lila Denning and #bookdisplay via Booklist's Corner Shelf

Today I am directing your attention to the latest "Notes from the Field" interview by my Booklist editor, Susan Maguire in the latest edition of her Corner Shelf Newsletter. As Susan explains below, she found my friend and Book Display expert Lila Denning on social media, and needed to find out more.

Click here to read their interview which is all about creating book displays. [Full disclosure, I am mentioned in the interview.] Denning is an expert at streamlining the book display process to make it less onerous on the library worker while still making sure her displays are original, interesting, diverse, inclusive, and attention grabbing.

I have reposted the introduction below with a link to keep reading. If you want to improve your book display game [which is all of you]-- both in making it easier to do well and improving what you offer on said displays-- read on.

Notes from the Field: Lila Denning and #bookdisplay. Maguire, Susan (author). FEATURE. First published November 1, 2019 (Booklist Online).

Even though I am Not a Millennial, I have somehow made space in my broken, cynical Gen X brain for the notion that, look, social media can be a really useful professional tool! This summer I chatted with Steve Ammidown of the Brown Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University, whom I tracked down because of their great Twitter account (@BGSU_PopCultLib). 
For this Notes from the Field, I found Lila Denning with a hashtag. I noticed that she would tweet pictures and retweet book lists and pop culture articles (as @vantine) with the hashtag #bookdisplay. And guess what? There were lots of great ideas for book displays there! Lila kindly allowed me to pick her brain on how she keeps her library’s book displays fresh.
Interview continues here 

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